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All Cities - Wadi Natrun


Deir Anba Bishoi
This monastery is named after Bishoi, who died in 417. His body is still in the monastery, and the monks will claim that it remains uncorrupted in the casket. This idea is not terribly far from the ideals of ancient Egyptian religion. Every July 17, his casket is carried around the church. Anyway, it is on clear exhibition, draped by a linen with his alleged portrait.


Deir Abu Maqar
The interior is not as visually attractive as Deir Anba Bishoi and Deir as-Suryani, but the walls are quite impressive. everything is in perfect condition. The founder of this monastery is the same as with the Deir al-Baramus, but this one carries his name.St Makarius died in 390, after a life of extreme ascetism lasting more than 60 years. He was reported to only eat one cabbage leaf every Sunday.


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