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History - Muhammad Naguib




1901 February 20: Born in Khartoum, Sudan.
— Educated at the Royal Military Academy in Cairo.

1948: Partakes in the First Palestinian War against the newly formed state of Israel. As one of few Egyptian officers, his actions were considered heroic.
— Naguib is recruited to the Free Officers group headed by , in order to lend it credibility.

1952 July 23: Naguib is central in the overthrow of King Faruk, placing his infant son Fuad 2 on the throne. Naguib becomes Commander-in-chief of the army.
— September 7: Becomes Prime Minister and member of the Council of Regency. Yet, the real power of Egypt was now with the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) consisting of 9 officers.
1953 July 18: Becomes the first president of the Egyptian republic, prime minister and Chairman of the RCC.

1954 February: Naguib is removed from his positions as president, prime minister and Chairman of the RCC, only to be reinstalled a few days later.
— April: Nasser strips Naguib from his position as Prime Minister.
— November 14: The power struggle between Naguib and Nasser reaches its final end. Naguib has to resign from office, and is succeeded by Nasser. Naguib is accused of having cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood attempting of assassinating Nasser in October. He is placed under house arrest.

1971: Freed from house arrest by new president Anwar as-Sadat.

1984 August 28: Dies in Cairo.


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