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History - Said Pasha




1822: Born in Cairo as the fourth son of Muhammad Ali.
— Receives an European-style education in Paris, France.
1855: Enacts a law that permits the male descendants of a peasant to inherit land.
1858: Introduces a law that limits landownership to only Muslims. He also introduced a law that gave a peasant who had held a plot of land for 5 consecutive years and paid his taxes to obtain the full ownership to the land.
1954: Grants a concession to the French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps to start building the Suez Canal.
1959: Work on the Suez Canal starts, but both Said and the Ottoman sultan has by now come to oppose the plan. de Lesseps start the work without official permission.
1861: Establishes a commission to work out a municipal code for Egyptian cities. This initiative came to be hindered by foreign powers.
1863 January 18: Dies in Alexandria.


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