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History - Tawfiq Pasha




1852 April 30: Born in Cairo, Egypt, as son of Ismail.
1879: After that his father has been dethroned as ruler of Egypt by the Ottoman sultan, Tawfiq is made new khedive of Egypt.
1881: Is forced by a group of military officers under the leadership of Ahmad Orabi Pasha to reinstate a Chamber of Notables. These changes were strongly opposed by Britain and France, but Orabi continued to pressure Tawfiq.
1882: Is forced to appoint Orabi as Minister for War.
— August: As Orabi becomes increasingly popular, Tawfiq seeks European support to retain his position.
— September:The British occupies Cairo an defeats Orabi, and reinstate Tawfiq, now a weak ruler functioning as a British puppet.
1892 January 7: Dies in Helwan, south of Cairo, Egypt. He is succeeded by his son Abbas 2.


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