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A lot brings Egypt and Japan together. One country is the Middle East peace-maker and the other is the Far East peace propagator since the end of World War Two.

Each of the two countries has a pivotal role to play in its region's affairs and future prospects.

When an earthquake hit Egypt late 1994, Japan sent assistance, and early 1995 the former rushed to help when the latter had a similar dilemma.

Both countries also are after a permanent seat at the UN Security Council, amongst others like Germany, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, India and Nigeria.

During the official visit of President Mubarak to Japan in April 1983, and as an expression of its strong desire to bolster the already cordial bilateral relations, the government of Japan gave Egypt a gift of 50 million dollars (6.5 billion yen) to set up a new Cultural Center in Egypt. In the middle of the numerous cultural center buildings at Al-Gezirah by the Nile side in Cairo rose the elegant and modern Cairo Opera House. The place was originally used as an international exhibition ground. Clustering round the Opera House, the premises combine other cultural installations such as the Nile Hall for the Arts, the Modern Art Museum and the Planetarium.


 The New Opera House and Surroundings

What a fantastically suitable place for the new Opera House to be set up; erected against the everflowing abundant Nile waters and charming green area. This site sits between Kasr El-Nil Bridge and Al-Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo where there is the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. So the area has a great cultural significance. A Japanese company designed and supervised the implementation of the Japanese Aid Organization-financed project after the initial studies were made and the cornerstone laid on March 31,1983.
Thanks to cooperation between the Egyptian & Japanese architect teams, the Islamic architectural style premises harmonized fascinatingly with the surrounding environment.

Total area including all installations is some 772.22sq. m, the building is some 13.855sq .m. The Opera House building stands 42m high, besides a basement and seven upper storeys. A large part of the building is made of a bow-like marble, ceilings rest on iron pillars with marble-covered floors, many places are furnished with carpets and the outer layer of the building is covered with magnificent Egyptian marble.
Parking is at capacity of 100 cars. There are green areas and sculptured tableaux, in addition to newly-set up fountain and an iron fence. Observing the general atmosphere of the opera, four-storey galleries were set up, as well as three theatres.

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