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Sinai Desert

Package of Sinai


Highlights Safari in Sinai-Egypt

If you like to see & learn and about Sinai desert , to learn to read tracks and look for water you will need your pack bag and take friends and family to a safe adventure travel.We will load you on a camel and by foot and travel among a caravan to take you Trekking or Camel trekking or 4wd jeep Safari and combining Diving .

What do you expect to see on your Sinai Safari : 01.Trekking: trek up the high mountain, hike through Wadis and Canyons and hidden Valleys some places you can only reach by foot .02.Camel Trekking Travel by camel caravans through the desert with Bedouins to see it all. 03.Four Wheel Drive Jeep Safari ( 4WD )4WDLand cruiser vehicle and bikes fully equipped with all the necessities that make the journey comfortable.If you like you can order to self-drive the vehicle .04. Desert and Diving Safari After the heat,dive into the fantastic life of the underwater of the Red Sea. You can combine your Safari with beach program for swimming and snorkeling or Learn to dive or participate in an advanced diving course.

Sinai is a 24,000 square mile peninsula on the right borders of Egypt.It is the gateway between Africa and Asia. Venture onto this desert on a camel trek or jeep safari and you will find remote springs and lush oases, providing some insights into Bedouin culture. Sinai is also home to high number of unique species of plants and animals. Sinai is amazingly uncrowded,laid-back and hassle free.

There is so much to see on your Safari and .You can drive to pharonic monuments and others like the forest of pillars and Sarabit el Khadim and turquoise mine.. and further through Wadi Gibi to Dahab. You can visit the mediaeval monastery of St.Cathrine and Moses Mountain and drive to Nnweiba Tarabin,and Colored Canyon..where you reach the National park of the Mangarouf forest on the sea..and more.. until you reach the borders in Taba.

In the south you can dive or snorkel in the finest diving grounds in the world.Exquisite coral reefs and tropical fish are the best you can see in Ras Mohamed, beach resorts in Sharm el Sheikh. It is really a safe adventure travel . Our escorted tours and voyages includes city breaks and romantic breaks ,you can spent as well good times at your family holiday.

Short Desert /Beach Trekking Safaris (Sin1))

Camel and Jeeps and Trekking Safaris (Sin2)

Feulcca Safari

Jeep Safaris (Sin3)

Diving Safari(Sin4)


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